June 23, 2013

First Post Ever...oh.em.jee.

Who in their right mind would put Greek yogurt on tacos? What is "overnight oatmeal"? Where should I store my food? How in the name of The Big Man Upstairs do you cook eggs in a microwave?! When are these questions going to end?!?


Apart from the last one, all these questions (and more!) will be answered and explained in this blog. To give you some faith that I do, in fact, know what I'm talking about, here's some background about me:

 I'm a rising Senior at Auburn University (extremely bitter-sweet) and am majoring in Nutrition/Dietetics with the hopes of being a sports dietitian in the collegiate setting before someday starting my own practice. I've been running competitively since I was 11 y/o and am on the XC/T&F teams at Auburn. Food was never really important to me until high school, when my former club coach stumbled upon the Paleo Diet for Athletes and threw me on the Paleo bandwagon -- which, BY THE WAY, is a HORRIBLE food plan for ANY athlete to follow, especially growing teenagers! But I'll leave that rant for another day.

 Anywho, long story short, being immersed in the running world for most of my life exposed me to training regimens, eating rituals, and product supplementation (nothing illegal/sketchy you guys, keep your pants on) that peaked my curiosity about food, vitamins, drinks, and nutrition in general. This curiosity has led me to pursue a degree and career in nutrition, and has given me a voracious appetite for anything educationally nutrition-related, especially pertaining to sports performance.

 As a student-athlete at a D-1 school looking to get as much out of my college experience as possible, I'm usually out of the dorm by 6am on weekdays and run from one thing to the next (no pun intended), and don't return "home" until 7 or 8pm, with maybe 30-60 mins at home in the middle of the day to eat some food or grab clothes I forgot to stuff in my bag that morning (which happens more often than you'd think). I struggled with choosing the right foods to properly fuel and recover my body, initially going way overboard (and gaining 10 lbs in 3 months...and no, it was not "just muscle"), realizing my problem, and then scaling back just a bit too much. After shadowing our head athletics dietitian, Scott, and our current GA athletics dietitian, Brittney, I have learned and realized so much about nutrition in the collegiate sports setting, and applied it to my own experiences with my sport. Now, I want to document and share these culinary experiences with future, current, and even past SAs (and just college peeps in general!) to help my fellow butt-busters eat yummy food that's easy and quick to make within the confines of their own abode.

  No oven? No problem. Think you need a pan and a stove to make scrambled eggs? Think again! Craving ice cream but feel uncomfortable eating it in-season? There's a banana for that (I'll explain later). College cooking for the typical student-athlete does not need to be hard, time-consuming, expensive, gross, or unhealthy - and I'm gonna show you how, through my firsthand experiences - some tried and tested, some yet to earn a name!

  So, ladies and gents, fellow students and athletes, and fellow student-athletes: are you ready to feel better, play longer, run faster, jump higher, and throw farther? (I tried to appeal to most sports there, don't take offense if I left yours out, you're still awesome<3) Are you willing to try new combinations, products, and flavors without breaking the bank? Can you tell that I really like asking rhetorical questions? If the answer to any or all of these is YES, then stay tuned for protein-packed, fiber-full, and taste-tested student-athlete eats!

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