June 27, 2013

Which 'wich?

A quick & easy on-the-go lunch for time-crunched afternoons

If you're sick of campus food or have no lunch break between classes and practice, you might wanna make your own lunch that's portable, easy to eat while walking, & cheap!

Start with some whole grain/WW bread. If you want your sammich to stay fresh but don't want to use a lunch box or ice pack, use frozen bread. It keeps the goods cool longer (and, surprisingly, doesn't go soggy) and frozen bread lasts way longer than bread on the shelf; if you want to eat it ASAP, lightly toast it or nuke it for 5 seconds. Now you never have to deal with moldy bread again!:)

Mustard, hummus, or mashed avocado are the most nutritional options for spread, and they help keep the 'wich together. Choose your veg (lettuce/spinach are classics, but kale would taste great too), cheese, and protein.

I used leftover chicken from yesterday's salad. Add anything else you want without making a food mountain (your creation needs to fit in a baggie/sandwich box), and voila!

Unless you have a microscopic digestive system, a simple sandwich is not going to tide you over 'til practice, especially if you eat lunch around 12pm and work out around 3pm or after. Solution? Some fibrous snacks that are easily carried & digestible! Typically this may include a granola bar and some fruit. I'm not a huge fan of granola bars unless they're the absolute last and only option, so I opted for some veg and fruit.

Apple, nectarine, carrot "coins"

Crunchy foods are so obnoxious to eat in class, but sometimes it's a necessity; you can make it easier on other ears by cutting up the crunchy stuff, though. [Southern hospitality y'all!]

After a grueling, arduous, time-consuming 10 mins of prep, I give lunch (not literally. Never take an athlete's food unless they offer you some):

Nuts are a great addition to any snack, in moderation. Salted almonds (~20-25) are my favorite! If you can carry a lunchbox or have time to grab something refrigerated between classes, Greek yogurt is an ideal protein-packed snack that would keep you satisfied as well.

Hope you liked this simple but efficient SA eat and come back for more!

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