August 20, 2013

Easy 3-Minute Oatmeal

No stove needed! 

*Hey everyone. Quick apology for the huge gap between posts - the past couple of months have been hectic. My internship in NYC started, and as soon as I was off crutches from my surgery I dove into packing up our house for our big move to GA and this baby of a blog had to take the backseat for a while. But now I'm all moved in to the lovely new dorms at AU and back to making simple, cost-effective, nutrient-packed meals without a full kitchen! Let's get cracking.*

No time, patience, pots, or stove. How the heck are we gonna make oatmeal?! With our best friend, the microwave (duh)!


There are two types of oats: rolled and steel-cut. The only difference between them is that rolled oats have been rolled through a machine after they've been harvested so they're flat, while steel-cut oats have been chopped. I prefer rolled oats because they're softer, cheaper, and cook faster, but steel-cut have the same great nutritional benefits of plant protein and quality carbohydrates (fiber!).


Then, there's instant oatmeal vs. oatmeal from scratch. The instant variety comes in packets and usually has a bunch of sugar added, but it's handy to have some as a back-up for when you're desperate or really in a pinch! I usually make oatmeal using plain rolled oats and create my own flavors with milk, fruit, and occasionally Greek yogurt.

Frozen bluberries, rolled oats, banana, vanilla soymilk

Blueberry-banana is probably my favorite flavor for oatmeal & smoothies. Frozen blueberries are great because they don't have to be washed and they cool off the oatmeal quickly.


The cooking directions for the oats are usually on the back of the container, and it's really simple. Measure out 1/2C oats into a bowl and mix with 1C water or milk (I do half milk and half water). Don't be alarmed if the oats are swimming; they absorb all the liquid. If you like thicker oatmeal, try using only 3/4C liquid instead.

Nuke for 2-3 mins on HIGH. Keep an eye on it as the oats bubble up when they're cooking and could fall over the edge of the bowl! When it's bubbling a lot, stop the microwave, stir, and continue microwaving until the oats absorb the liquid. Add in your fruits of choice and voila! For adequate protein after a workout, stir in some Greek yogurt or have a glass of milk or a boiled egg on the side.

Thanks again for checking out this student-athlete eat and I hope it helps your morning routine!

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